Beaches in Albufeira

The city of Albufeira was called 'castle of the sea' by the Arabs ('Al-Buhera', as it was known in the 8th century) and it had an amphitheatre overlooking the sea. Today, Albufeira and its surrounding region is one of Portugal's main tourist destinations, offering almost 30 kilometres of coastline and more than two dozen beaches that vary greatly from one another in terms of natural surroundings, occupancy and tourism options.

As an internationally renowned destination, Albufeira is known for its rich and diverse cuisine as well as the wide variety of restaurants it boasts (serving regional specialities and refined French, Italian or Germany dishes). Linked closely to the sea, this region's seafood enjoys a starring role in local gastronomy.

Although tourism activities and the nightlife on the Algarve are famed, there is another reality here: quiet villages where manual arts such as tile making, copper working and wickerwork exist among dry lands with almond trees in flower and colourful orange groves.

There are several types of beaches available and 20 to choose from, meaning there is something for everyone in Albufeira.